About RedeWire

RedeWire is an interactive online LP Portal, providing instant access to information about Rede's clients and current fundraising offering. Only approved LPs can access RedeWire.


  • View Rede's client and fundraising information: A user-friendly, interactive way to learn about Rede's clients and latest fundraising offering. View our client overview, plus detailed pages for each client or fund. Download content in bulk PDFs or as individual tearsheets.
  • Filter and set preferences: Filter by asset class, geography and target fund size; displaying the information most relevant to you.
  • Engage with Rede: Contact your Rede Relationship Manager via one click 'email my RM' function. Easily ask questions or request a meeting with managers or funds of interest. Set 'favourites,' helping us understand your priorities and keep you updated.


1.       What is the difference between RedeWire and Rede’s old style ‘Current Fund Offering’ document?

  • RedeWire is essentially a digitalisation of Rede’s old-style ‘Current Fund Offering’ PDF document which was emailed to selected LPs each quarter.
  • Rather than a static PDF, RedeWire presents the same information in an interactive manner to LPs based on country location.
  • Similar to the old-style CFO, LPs will receive an email each quarter letting them know that the latest release of RedeWire content is now live, and including a summary of GPs featured.
  • The digital format allows us to include some additional content that is less easily presented in a PDF document such as videos or links to team member biographies and portfolio company. websites. It also allows LPs to engage with us directly, e.g. by asking questions about or favouriting specific funds.
  • The digital format allows LPs to filter content according to their investment preferences, allowing the material to be presented in a much more concise and relevant way.

2.       What approach has Rede taken to regulatory compliance and data protection issues during the design and build of RedeWire?

  • From the outset, RedeWire has been designed to ensure the highest levels of regulatory compliance and data protection.
  • Rede has taken extensive legal advice throughout the design and build of RedeWire to identify and mitigate any potential compliance issues.
  • We have developed RedeWire to accommodate marketing regulations including AIFMD by ensuring access to funds included on RedeWire is restricted to those countries where registrations or notifications are being obtained.
  • The collection, retention and use of personal data conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679), known in the UK as UK GDPR, and the Data Protection Act 2018 (and regulations made thereunder) as amended from time to time.

3.       Are funds featured on RedeWire at risk of breaching US private placement regulations due to ‘general solicitation’?

  • RedeWire is not a publicly available website with unrestricted access. Rather RedeWire is only available by invitation and is password protected.

4.       Are funds featured on RedeWire at risk of breaking AIFMD regulations?

  • RedeWire has been developed from the ground up with AIFMD compliance in mind, and we have carefully incorporated AIFMD regulations into the design of RedeWire.
  • LPs in Europe will NOT be able to see fund marketing information pertaining to funds unless the fund is either passported or registered in that country.
  • Further, pre-marketing of funds via RedeWire will only be permitted in those countries where a premarketing notification has been made.
  • Viewing restrictions are set on a country-by-country basis. For example, if a fund has registered under national private placement regimes for a specific country, LPs based in this country will be able to view fundraising information on the fund.
  • If additional registrations are added over time, we can add adjust the country-based viewing restrictions to display fundraising information to additional LPs.
  • Whilst fund marketing information is generally available on a Reverse Solicitation basis, we are unable to modify RedeWire access to fund information for any particular LP where it is otherwise unavailable in that LP’s home country.

5.       How does RedeWire protect access to my account?

  • Fundraising information on RedeWire can only be accessed by approved LPs.
  • In order to activate your account, we will send you an email containing a unique link to your account. You will need to set a unique password and sign a click-through legal disclaimer / NDA.
  • You can also opt to add two-factor authentication to your account if preferred.
  • You can reset your password at any time.

6.       What are the rules on sharing RedeWire access and content with colleagues and peers?

  • RedeWire users must not share access to the site or downloaded content with contacts external to their organisation
  • PDF downloads of summaries and individual tearsheets are watermarked with your name and email address. You are welcome to share these internally within your organisation.
  • We respectfully request that you do not share your RedeWire login and password details with colleagues. We are more than happy to add additional registrations for your colleagues – just email your RM to request this.

7.       How will data on my account by processed and handled by Rede?

  • Please see our Privacy Policy HERE.
  • Data relating to your account will be stored and processed by Rede for business purposes such as granting you access to RedeWire, understanding your needs and interests, providing you with fundraising information relevant to your investment programme, for the management and organisation of our business, and in order to comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Rede Partners' clients will not have access to RedeWire user data, but may be provided from time to time with summary, aggregated information regarding RedeWire user activity.
  • We will take steps to ensure that your data is restricted to Rede Partners employees with a legitimate interest in the business purposes above and third parties meeting a very narrow set of conditions (e.g. contractors, data storage services, government agencies).

8.       Can my legal counsel speak with you to discuss any concerns about RedeWire?

  • We would be delighted to arrange a meeting with to discuss any legal or compliance concerns. Please email our compliance team at compliance@rede-partners.com.


1.       Can I opt out of inclusion in RedeWire?

  • Yes. You are under no obligation to activate your RedeWire account. Your Rede Relationship Managers will continue to contact you to introduce specific fundraising opportunities as before.

2.       Will Rede continue to produce its old style “Current Fund Offering” PDF document?

  • No. Instead we will send a quarterly email to LPs letting them know that RedeWire has been updated and summarising the list of GPs included.
  • However, within RedeWire there is a simple button that LPs can click to download a PDF summary of all available information, or a selection – and this can also be emailed to specific LPs by Rede Relationship Managers in certain cases.

3.       Are there any costs or charges for accessing RedeWire?

  • There is no charge for using RedeWire.
  • LPs should also note that Rede does not charge its GPs for inclusion in RedeWire.

4.       I’ve forgotten my password or am having trouble accessing my account. What should I do?

  • There is a convenient ‘forgotten password’ feature on our login screen.
  • If you need any further assistance please contact your Rede Relationship Manager and we will help you to access to RedeWire.

5.       Can I get have a junior colleague access RedeWire and download summary data for my review?

  • Please let your Rede Relationship Manager know and we will ensure your junior colleague has their own login to RedeWire.
  • RedeWire has been built to allow PDF downloads of tearsheets for individual funds and groups of funds which can be shared internally within your organisation.


1.       Is RedeWire an electronic marketplace for fundraising?

  • No. RedeWire is simply an electronic showcase to keep you updated about our current client and fundraising offering.
  • While you can use RedeWire to indicate your interest in a fund and contact your Rede Relationship Manager to discuss a fund, you cannot place an order to commit to a fund on RedeWire.

2.       Is RedeWire an electronic marketplace for trading secondary stakes?

  • No. RedeWire is focused only on showcasing our clients and their fundraising offering. It cannot be used to buy or sell fund participation.

3.       Is RedeWire an dataroom platform?

  • RedeWire is a digital showcase for Rede’s clients and their current fundraising offering, designed to engage and inform LPs.
  • LPs interested in entering full due diligence will continue to be granted access to the full electronic dataroom for the fund, hosted on the GP’s preferred EDR platform.

4.       Can I arrange contact a GP directly, organise a meeting with a GP or request access to a dataroom directly on RedeWire?

  • You cannot contact Rede client GPs directly via RedeWire.
  • Instead, you can use our convenient ‘Contact your Rede RM’ feature to discuss interest in a particular GP with your Rede Relationship Manager.

5.       Will RedeWire show information on ALL of Rede’s primary fundraising clients?

  • No. Information on certain GP fundraises may not be visible on RedeWire, for example due to country-based marketing restrictions.
  • LPs should contact their Rede Relationship Manager if there is a Rede Client GP of strong interest for whom they would like to proactively request information.

6.       How often will the information on RedeWire be updated?

  • Content will typically be updated once per quarter, as it has been previously for the old-style PDF mail-out.
  • Users will receive an email to let them know that the content has been updated including a summary of GPs featured on the site.

7.       I want to download content from RedeWire to share with my colleagues. Is there an easy way to get the whole Rede Fund Offering in a single document?

  • Just click on ‘Download PDFs’ and choose ‘All Funds’.
  • This will create a single PDF document including a summary of all funds featured on RedeWire plus individual fund tearsheets for each one.

8.       Can I ensure I’m only shown information that is relevant to my investment preferences?

  • At any time you can manage and amend your investment preferences.
  • You can set parameters by asset class, fund geography and fund size.
  • You can toggle between viewing all information and only those clients or funds meeting your preferences.

9.       What does it mean to ‘favourite’ an item on RedeWire?

  • You can use the ‘favourite’ icon to create a shortlist of managers or funds to display and to create a summary PDF download of all ‘favourite’ tearsheets.
  • Your Rede Relationship Manager will also ensure that you are alerted to any important updates regarding managers or funds you have marked as ‘favourites’.
  • You can ‘unfavourite’ an item at any time.

10.   Will RedeWire replace electronic datarooms?

  • RedeWire is a digital showcase for Rede’s current clients and their fundraising offering, designed to engage and introduce LPs to managers.
  • Fundraising content included on RedeWire is suitable for a broad audience of LPs.
  • LPs interested in entering full due diligence will continue to be granted access to the full electronic dataroom for the fund, hosted on the GP’s preferred EDR platform.

11.   Is RedeWire an app? Can LPs view it on their mobile phones?

  • At present RedeWire is a web-based portal which can be viewed on a web browser on desktops, tablets or mobiles.
  • We hope to create a companion IOS/Android app for LPs at a later date.